The Labguard® 3D hardware has been designed to integrate seamlessly into today’s lab, for flexible, intuitive use. It features the only transmitters available with up to 4 universal inputs. Scalable options include radio and Ethernet transmitters and receivers.

 360° overview with projected visual alarms
 Interactive, easy-to-use multifunctional display
 Universal sensor connectivity and automatic sensor detection
 Real-time communication and data logging


 Numeric sensor with unique ID
 Large range of “plug and play” sensors
 Calibration: ISO 17025 available
 Metrology certificate embedded in sensors

Labguard 3D transmitter


Radio transmitters

 Available with or without displays
 Options of 1, 2 or 4 universal inputs
 Lithium battery, USB or power supply

Ethernet transmitters

 Display with 4 universal inputs
 Power Over Ethernet / USB or Power supply

Radio receiver

 USB or Ethernet connection available
 USB - Ethernet adapters includ

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