Labguard® 3D includes a complete range of metrology equipment for thermostatic chambers with internal instrumentation as well as calibration services conveniently available through bioMérieux’s internal laboratory. ISO 17025 accredited or traceable metrology per your needs.

 Compatible with Labguard® software for automation, efficiency and ease of use.
 Automatic wireless synchronization
 Compliance with ISO 17025 standards can be ensured through calibration services at bioMérieux’s internal laboratory, COFRAC*



Calibration kit & calibration bath

CalibrationA complete solution to calibrate, check and adjust all Labguard® range monitoring and transport sensors.

 High-accuracy temperature reference sensor calibrates and adjusts temperature sensors, range of -90°C to +200°C
 Calibration bath can be used to calibrate and adjust several temperature sensors at the same time, range of -30°C to +130°C
 Calibration licence to automate management of bath
 Manage calibration certificate validity periods



Characterization (mapping) kit


 High-accuracy temperature reference sensor to calibrate and adjust temperature sensors, range of - 80°C to + 200°C
 Manage all the thermostatic chambers and mapping traceability (from 9 to 15 sensors)
 Centralize your mapping data in the Labguard® software solution
 NF 15-140 and EN 60068-3-X standards compliant 





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