The flexible Labguard® 3D secure web-based software makes environmental monitoring easy from anywhere.

 One universal license

 Create and manage user groups

 Unlimited secure connections for multi-site deployment

 Interactive monitoring of all physical parameters

 Real-time alerts via multiple media

 Real-time information and complete traceability of all Labguard® 3D operations

 Export audit trail information: meet accreditation and regulatory requirements

 Flexible options to suit your requirements:
     o   Mobility management
     o   Alert management
     o   21 CFR part 11 license for FDA data safety requirements
     o   Direct connection to your LDAP server for automated database updates
     o   Communication protocol for programmable logic controller networks
     o   Calibration and characterization of sensors and chamber mapping in compliance with existing standards: NF 15140 and NF 60068-3-11
     o   Access to a professional database (postgreSQL)


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